Blue Point of View: Great success during DvdA!

Today worked out perfectly and we had great weather! Lots of people were interested in the project, as you can see on the pictures. We also talked with some people of various student initiatives who want to contribute to the project, so it was a nice vibe and an inspiring day!

We had some debate about a new name for the project, so it would speak to everyones imagination more. We’re not certain about a new name yet, but here are the ones the visitors liked best:

- Blue Point of View (so no change)
- Green Point of View (like Design by Evolutions competition entry)
- Blue Ways of Green
- Delfts Groen (instead of Delft Blue)
- Bluevolution
- Blue view on Green
- Blueprint

So we will probably choose one of the above, but we are not sure yet.

The comments are open for this post for the first time, so hopefully a discussion could take place about the name we should choose according to you!

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