Concrete Design Competition: Concrete Column Capsules

A few weeks ago, the concrete design competition award ceremony was held in Eindhoven (Netherlands). Design By Evolution was one of the contestants in this competition.

The proposed design consists of a single capsule shape. The capsules are to be placed on the sides of an existing – steel – column to create a fire-proof layer in an aestetic way.

A special kind of concrete is used: Xiriton concrete. Made up out of so called elephant grass (a highly CO2 absorbing plant) and cement. This makes the concrete more sustainable and about 2,5 times lighter than normal concrete (800gr/l so it actually floats!). Another great feature of this new kind of concrete is the fact that it’s highly adjustable, because it can be cut by a handsaw.

Though the design handed in for the competition got enough votes to be one of the final 25 contestants (see the jury-report in PDF) the jury didn’t think it was good enough to be the winner of the competition.

The most interesting part of the whole competition was actually after the award ceremony, looking at the competition results of all the other contestants who had some very innovative ideas.

Next year, Design By Evolution will probably participate again in this competition, if only for getting in touch with other innovative designers!

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