120228 Projects update

At the moment, Design by Evolution is working on six different projects. Since we are working on a completely new website we are only giving you a short update with an introduction to each project:

-  Sports and Cultural Centre of the Technical University of Delft (NL)

In this project, after creating a masterplan for the future development of the Sports and Cultural Centre of the TU Delft, we are now writing the “Redevelopment plan”of this Sports and Cultural Centre for Facility Management and Real Estate of the TU Delft. After the approval of this plan by the University Board of Directors, we will proceed in the construction of the new Sports hall and other new accommodations.

- HyperPublic open source architecture and interior project (NL)

We created a completely open source design for a architecture/furniture system created entirely with a 1,5 x 3 M flatbed CNC milling machine. All information can be found on the following website. We created a full scale working model which we have exhibited at the faculty of Architecture of the TU Delft in The Netherlands this February.

- Wiki Holiday House (FR)

The internet phenomenon of collaborative open source projects, is gradually getting more attention in in the field of architecture. Design by Evolution is at the forefront of this development. The design of this 20M2 holiday house will be created entirely with CNC milled 18mm multiplex wooden plates based on open source designs from the Wikihouse community. It will be assembled in France this summer.

- Complete renovation of bathroom and first floor of private household in Vlaardingen (NL)

In this project, a complete renovation of a private household in Vlaardingen is almost starting construction. The demands of the client were to mainly create a two new bedrooms, new storage facilities and a large bathroom with a whirlpool, large sauna and steam shower. More information will soon be available on a special page about this project on which the actual construction can be monitored.

- Eternal Holiday House in Ameland (NL)

As the projectleader on the energy part of the research of the Eternal Holiday House on the Dutch island of Ameland, we have been working on the redevelopment of a showcase project for sustainable redevelopment of existing architecture. Besides energy, also water and material management are key aspects of the sustainable redesign with the Cradle to Cradle philosophy in mind.

- New website for Sustainable projects of the European Cradle to Cradle Islands project (EU)

On http://www.wisle.org we are still developing a website for the province of Friesland who is leading an international European project on sustainable innovation in architecture and urbanism with the Cradle to Cradle philosophy in mind. This website will become the showcase for all international projects which are too fragmented at the moment across Europe.

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