Cloud Life: A future living concept

How can architects stay relevant in an ever changing society in which they seem to become less and less needed? Looking at the past five years of layoffs within the field of architecture, it seems there is a need for a fresh way of looking at the profession, the building processes and the architecture created. That’s why we are working together with Blauwhoed project developers to find new ways of combatting the current economic climate.

We set ourselves the challenge of creating a future living concept by using less space at a lower cost to the end user, but with a higher living quality.

The specific target group for this assignment is cosmopolitan young urban professionals. Since they are working at many different locations during the week, and demand a high amount of flexibility, we decided to take a radical approach in creating our future living concept.

We created a completely scalable solution which will fit the ceiling of any existing or new building. All furniture and wall elements which will be able to create and transform spaces are housed in this ceiling. Each element moves and transform independently, making the complete system very resilient to failure. All elements are automatically moveable to preset conditions which each user can change in their specified online booking preferences.

This method of designing ensures a high quality multi-functional space, which will be tailored to the individual needs of the user. Each user pays a low booking fee per hour, depending on the availability and time of day. This will ensure lower costs for the users, since they only pay for the time they use a specific space which can be as large or as small as they want it to be. The economical viability of the project rests in the fact that the Cloud Life Operators present at each Cloud Life location, will gain higher incomes since they rent out the same space multiple times during the day.

To prove our concept, we are currently creating a prototype of 10M2 at a 1:1 scale which will be shown in Rotterdam at Casco Delfshaven, the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Delft and at the Technical Unviersity of Twente in the coming months.

Here is an overview of the prototyping process:

Design team:
Javi Vidal Bernabeu (Spain)
Xi Guo (China)
Xindroe Volmer (Netherlands)
Vivien Wu (China)
Jiun Yu (South Korea)
Leon Zondervan (Netherlands)
Koen Kegel / Design by Evolution (Netherlands)

More information on the project concept and updates about the 10M2 scale 1:1 prototype can be found here:

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