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Sustainable apartment interior realised

See a list of videos below of the realisation of some parts of the interior of a Vlaardingen city apartment, mainly built with CNC-milled sustainable Eco-Board material.

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Solar panels installment Vlaardingen

Design by Evolution is finalising the design for installing PV panels on the roof of a family home in Vlaardingen. Realised in the summer of 2014. Pictures will soon follow. House Vlaardingen Sketch Solar Panel Areas from koenkegel

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Renovation and extension Oud-Beierland

Design by Evolution has been working on the renovation and extension of a house located in Oud-Beierland. At the moment we are still in the design fase. With the 3D models below, you can take a look at the current state by moving the camera around with your mouse. Hold the middle mouse button to […]

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Cloud Life: A future living concept

How can architects stay relevant in an ever changing society in which they seem to become less and less needed? Looking at the past five years of layoffs within the field of architecture, it seems there is a need for a fresh way of looking at the profession, the building processes and the architecture created. […]

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Starting fresh

After the trip of a lifetime through Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Design by Evolution is back in business! Being back in business also means creating some nice new sustainable business cards! Using a stardard sheet of 0.4mm MDF cardboard and a laser cutter (so not a drop of ink!) here is the double sided […]

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120228 Projects update

At the moment, Design by Evolution is working on six different projects. Since we are working on a completely new website we are only giving you a short update with an introduction to each project: – ¬†Sports and Cultural Centre of the Technical University of Delft (NL) In this project, after creating a masterplan for […]

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Blueprint gets approval from TU Delft board of directors!

BluePrint will become Delft University‚Äôs new centre for sustainable initiatives. The centre will be housed in BluePrint City, and is to be designed by students and located next to the former Faculty of Architecture site. In the next five years BluePrint Labs will realize 20 projects across the city of Delft that will put our […]

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Concrete Design Competition: Concrete Column Capsules

A few weeks ago, the concrete design competition award ceremony was held in Eindhoven (Netherlands). Design By Evolution was one of the contestants in this competition. The proposed design consists of a single capsule shape. The capsules are to be placed on the sides of an existing – steel – column to create a fire-proof […]

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Blue Point of View: Great success during DvdA!

Today worked out perfectly and we had great weather! Lots of people were interested in the project, as you can see on the pictures. We also talked with some people of various student initiatives who want to contribute to the project, so it was a nice vibe and an inspiring day! We had some debate […]

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Blue Point of View: Second container in place!

Today the second (heavily modified) shipping container was put in place near the former location of the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Delft! Just in time, because tomorrow is the Dutch Day of Architecture, as I talked about before. We also put up the exhibition panels in the first 12 meter (40 […]

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